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The Maxi Zoo Pet store in Ballincollig is hosting a family fun weekend this coming Saturday and Sunday. Please drop in and meet Alan Cooney and his super friendly staff and of course some of us ACS’ers too. It promises to be a great weekend so head out there and join in the fun and games. Your help will support the ACS and God only knows how much we need help, our vets bills are HUGE. See you there. A big screen slide show will be running showing a few highlights of our 12 years in harness.

When GOOD turns to EVIL !

What does one say when someone who claims to be an "animal rescue" person causes the animals in their care to die the most horrific deaths, due to utter callousness and neglect. Dogs and cats left to starve. A mum with tiny kittens left to die without food or water. A starving dog which tried to eat his way out thru a heavy wooden door. Horrors, too many to describe and suffering which matched that of the death camp called Auswitz. In addition to the 27 dogs removed, a great many dead cats and kittens were found, all starved to death !

And yet, that is exactly what happened in County Cork during the last few months. When the Cork ISPCA Inspector went in she was confronted with unimaginable horrors. Horrors perpetrated by a woman who claimed to "love animals" and wanted to rescue them. Instead, a slow horrible agonizing death awaited them. God help us if that is done by an animal "rescue" person. It begs the question, how was this allowed to happen, why oh why did alarm bells not ring? This woman had a huge amount of support from others, but yet they did not see thru the masquerade and took no action.

We can only hope and pray that lessons have been learned, so this nightmare will not ever be repeated. The ISPCA Facebook page has the photo's but be warned ! They are awful.


What can be done to avoid the recent Cork scene of Horrors?

Further to our editorial about the recent horrors perpetrated by a woman pretending to run an animal rescue group in North Cork. We appeal to ALL our readers before they deal with anyone, or give an animal or money to anyone who says they run, or represent, a rescue group to do thorough checks. Genuine rescues do not mind visits and are always willing to show people around their sanctuaries. Does the group or organisation claim to be a registered charity ? If so, what is their charity registration number ? (For instance: the ACS is CHY14199). The validity of this number can be checked by contacting the Revenue Commissioners in Nenagh, County Tipperary. Go to the Revenue website and checkout charities_numeric.PDF. Is the group a registered company ? This too can be easily checked by contacting the companies registration office.

If the group is a company their accounts must be fully audited and annually submitted to the CRO.

BUT Note well... the fact that an organisation is a charity (or even a company) does not in anyway or form mean that their standards of animal care are what they should be. 9 years ago a major Cork organisation and registered charity was by a unanimous board decision disaffiliated by the ISPCA. This charity had been, and still is, in operation for over 130 years! Individuals, or small non registered charities can exceed any standards of care and at the end of the day, it is the individuals in charge who will determine how well a charity, or rescue, operates and is run and they set the standards. This being good old Ireland, anyone can set him/her self up as an animal rescue organisation, with the disastrous results you have read about above. Can they provide multiple written references from the vets they are dealing with ? Very important, are other bonafide rescue organisations aware of them and have they had dealings with them? Most reputable rescues maintain lines of communication between them and will help each other and exchange information where they can.

But above all: USE COMMON SENSE !!! If the rescues a person contacts are all full and have waiting lists and are bursting at the seams, alarm bells should start ringing if an individual or group seems to have plenty spaces and offers to take animals in at the drop of a hat. Granted, maybe they can handle real emergencies, but to have spaces for multiple dogs or cats, horses or ponies out of the blue ??? Highly unlikely. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

Be especially weary if you are not allowed to visit the property from which the person or rescue operates. If that happens, immediately contact the ISPCA and make your concerns known. Immediately, as speed may saves lives ! If proper checks and follow up visits had been done on this woman, the unimaginable suffering and horrors these defenceless animals underwent could have been avoided.

Sadly, at the end of the day, many people just give an animal away to whoever calls first, "Free to a good home", take no vehicle registration details, do not ask to see an ID, don't ask for an address or phone number, do no checks and just get rid of the animal. Until people show common sense and check, unscrupulous people like the woman who committed these horrors will continue to bamboozle the public and get their hands on defenceless animals. May God help them !


This elderly lady fox was found by a lovely ACS volunteer in a very distressed state. It was initially thought that she might have been run over, so we asked our volunteer to get her to the Gilabbey veterinary Hospital as soon as possible and that was done.

The Vets at Gilabbey look after Fota wildlife park and have a huge amount of experience with wildlife. Once there, Vet Tom Conway took her immediately under his care and indeed confirmed that she was extremely ill. Not due to a road traffic accident (RTA) but signs of poisoning were present.

The ACS told Tom to not spare expense and do all that was possible to save her life. But inspite of Tom doing all that was humanly and medically possible this lovely girl died the next day and the cause was indeed attributed to poison.

The ACS wishes to pay tribute to the team at Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital for their efforts and care to try and save her life. Sadly, it was not to be, but no stone was left unturned. We are fortunate to have the Gilabbey Clinic with its superb vets and caring staff here in Cork. Look them up, here they are: They are amongst the very best..


Carelessness KILLS !

Don't believe us? Read on and you know why. A few weeks ago we received a call from a pub landlord on a very busy main road in Cork city. " I can hear a cat or kitten meowing and it sounds distressed". We dropped what we were doing and after a 50 km journey were on-scene in less than an hour. The landlord met us in the car park and indicated an almost derelict house and said that the sounds were coming from the garden. The garden was a death trap, open holes and rotting bits of wood covering deep holes in the ground. No sounds were heard and our concerns increased. We found a deep open hole, call it a cess pit, and in the bottom was a small lifeless body of young kitten, still warm. She had suffocated in the layer of shit, covering the bottom. The three of us cried and I am not ashamed to write this here in front of your eyes. We cried. With great difficulty we removed the body as the pit was deep. We checked the rest of the garden carefully, closed open holes were we could to avoid this happening again, and took her small body home. We washed her carefully and with lots of flowers buried her here at the sanctuary. Her small spirit runs free once more as it was meant to be. There is no photo with this article, we did not have the guts to publish it. She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, so we have used that picture instead to celebrate her short life which ended so tragically. Perhaps you now agree with us? Carelessness KILLS.


She was so lucky!

Lovely Lab isn't she ? Yes, those wounds are nasty. How did she get them? CARELESSNESS. This dog was tied to the tow-bar of a car. And guess what: The owners hopped in and drove away. Sadly, she was still tied to the tow-bar !!! A passer-by screamed so loud that they stopped and the dog's life was saved. Maybe forgetfulness did not kill this time but it sure caused pain. Yes, we think you agree, she was Lucky!







Ruben sends greetings

Remember Ruben the beautiful Big GSD who decided to "take on" a car. His story was on our website at the beginning of the year. Well, a lovely woman called Anne-Marie adopted him and look at him now. Happiness ? Yes, I'd say so too. He is a companion to Anne-Marie's other GSD and they get on a like a house on fire. So.good things do happen. Just ask Ruben and he will tell you himself. Well done Anne-Marie, they are lucky lucky dogs to have you as their "Mum".







I'm Mack and I should be called Mr. LUCKY !

Heh…that’s right, Mr. Lucky is the name, forget the Mack business. Why? Well, simple. I was dumped and the nice folks at the ACS took me in.  Mack was neutered, flea treated and wormed and after a few weeks of care went up for adoption. Well, it so happens that a lovely woman called Ruth offered to foster him for us. But now the story takes a turn... Ruth and her partner fell in love ( no no.. not with each other, they had done that a long time ago,) they fell in love with Sir Mack ! Ruth, thank you so much for giving him such a wonderful home, do refer to him as bloody Lucky in case he forgets ! So… just read below what Ruth just wrote to us, this email and his photo’s came in a few minutes ago:

Hi Folks.

“I just wanted to update you about Mack. He has settled in so well, it's like he has always lived here! He has become much more active and a lot fitter now. He loves his walks, every day he goes for a walk down by the river park near our house. Our other little dog has fallen in love with him as well! If the weather is nice the doors to the garden are open all day and he tends to spend a lot of time outside, before settling down in front of the fire for the night. He now knows his name and is great both on and off the lead. I've attached some photos."




Education, Education Education

If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times. Education is the key to changing the mind-set of people, be they young or old. The ACS wherever it can practises this and recently gave several lectures on the subject of “ Why do we need animal welfare ?”.

We were delighted to be invited to the North Presentation Secondary College in Cork to give a lecture to the students and some of the staff. With over 100 students in the audience it was a most successful day. The school had  several weeks ago adopted a stray dog and the one of the teachers ( Michael O’Brien ) had taken him under his wing. The poor dog had been run over and was left dying in the road but the compassion and quick thinking of this wonderful teacher saved his life!

The Cork ACS wishes to pay tribute to all students, staff and Principal of the College. Who knows, maybe a future Taoiseach was in the audience that day and God only knows how we need our politicians to change our hopelessly out-dated animal welfare legislation, in particular the 1911 Act, which this year “celebrated” it 100th birthday. ONE HUNDRED YEARS old, need we say more ???  The students between them raised the money for the dogs veterinary treatment and there was even money left over which they kindly donated to the Cork ACS. Well done to all involved and to the students we say: You are a lucky bunch, with wonderful compassionate teachers and a supportive principal. When one of you becomes the next Taoiseach, please remember us ? The photo shows a few of the fantastic college students,  Michael O’Brian (right), the Class teacher with his dog, and our ACS chairman receiving the donated money from Michael.


Education? Yes please!

Just like the case of the North Presentation Secondary College, the Schull Community College also had asked the ACS and Skibbereen Animal Welfare ( ) to give a talk at the college. Now there is a request we will never turn down and we managed to fit-in the College. So last week, that lecture took place and we were delighted with the interest shown and intelligent questions asked by the students.  With students like that we really feel that there is hope for the future. Hope that working together and understanding the animals needs we can create a kinder and more compassionate world for the animals who share the planet with us. The 45 minutes of the lecture flew by and the college teacher in charge has asked us to come back and do it all again for a different group of students. The class raised a fantastic sum of money ( well over 100 euro ! ) presented this to Anita Douglas who runs Skibbereen Animal Rescue with her group of volunteers. To the students and staff and principal we say. THANK YOU all, you were a delight to talk to and we hope to see you soon again. Keep up the good work and remember the words of your very own great Irish writer and Poet who said:

“The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them, that's the essence of inhumanity. - George Bernard Shaw”


Meet Floyd, the writing Dog

I’m Floyd and I am a story writing dog ! Yes, Sir. Don’t believe me, and why should you since there are so few who can do what I can ? Well, be unsure no more. Click here and we will fix you promptly: Wanna know what I look like? Can fix that too, no problem, here is my photo. Heh.. before I forget.. do show this stuff to your kids. You’ll be glad you did.






JUST IN TIME for the Fermoy 6!

Just in time? Yes, that is exactly what we mean. Kittens eyes are extremely susceptible to bacterial infections, just ask any vet if you don’t believe us. If caught and treated in time, it is almost always easily treated and cured. BUT… IF LEFT UNTREATED….. the end result is blindness and a loss of one or both eyes. We do not have to tell you what that means and the suffering which precedes this slow horrible death.

See and you can see what will happen if this condition is not treated. (The ACS was called to these kittens, all 4 of them, and they had no eyes, only ulcerated remnants of eyes). That is the harsh reality of what we are telling you AND IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO EASILY AVOIDED. Just a week of treatment with a proper antibiotic cream or drops and these kittens would have been alive today. But once again, Humans failed them, they could not call the Vet for an appointment. BUT YOU CAN, so if you come across a situation like this PLEASE ACT. Please ? The Fermoy six (there are 6 of them) as we call the crew in the photos are the lucky ones, they are now being treated and we will be able to save their eyes.








Make room, here we come !

Its April and that means one thing for many rescue groups. KITTENS. Maybe we had a small break from late December until now, but the kitten season is here and will only intensify with every passing week. As our regular readers know, female cats do not have the luxury of  a human female menopause. At least for us humans…we will have break when we hit our late forties and fifties. No such luck for female cats. Nature is cruel and will try at all cost to ensure the survival of the species.  In the feline world that means kittens, kittens and more kittens. Some statistics ? SpayUSA gives this data:

An un-spayed female cat, her mate and all their offspring, producing two litters per year, with 2.8 surviving kittens per litter can total:

1 year: 12, 2 years: 67, 3 years: 376, 4 years: 2,107, 5 years: 11,801, 6 years: 66,088

Frightening isn’t it ? Nature at work. The only reason that we are not walking on countless kitten bodies between Cork and Dublin, or Galway and Kinsale, or from xxx to yyy, (you choose) is that the survival rate in many cases approaches zero. (0). A trail of misery and death, a very short future of pain and suffering. Harsh ? Yes, but sadly true. Please please please, if you have a cat, neuter it. Please do not add to the mountain of unwanted kittens, who are litterly Born to Die. If you are thinking of bringing a cat into your family, please consider adopting one from a rescue centre. Rescued cats need help and are just as loving as those expensive Pure breeds. Please do not add to the dreadful  problem. Instead, be part of the solution. It cost so little and can mean so much. See this website has lots of useful information. It is a USA site, but much applies to us here in Ireland.

This feral kitten was eaten alive by rats while the mother was trying to find some food. May her soul run free forever. We dedicate the following poem to her and all others who never were loved and knew compassion and kindness.

This feral kitten was eaten alive by rats while the mother was trying to find some food. May her soul run free forever.

We have a secret, you and I
That no one else shall know,
For who but I can see you lie
Each night in fire glow?
And who but I can reach my hand
Before we go to bed
And feel the living warmth of you
And touch your silken head?
And only I walk woodland paths
And see ahead of me,
Your small form racing with the wind
So young again, and free.
And only I can see you swim
In every brook I pass
And when I call, no one but I
Can see the bending grass

Author unknown.


Dog has been missing since Saturday last 11th June. He was lost in the back-roads between Knockraha, and Watergrasshill.

He was seen yesterday (friday 16th June) in Knockraha village at 12.30pm. Wearing a new black collar with a chrome buckle at the time is disappeared.

His name is Twix. If you do find him/hear about his whereabouts please contact us on either: 0876966099, 0872789417 or 0872786557








Lost Cat

She is a mainly white domestic short haired cat, 9 years and neutered. She was wearing a collar and name tag but these could be lost.

She has been missing since 10/06/2011 from the Kerry (Knoacknagoshel), Cork (Rockchapel) and Limerick (Abbeyfeale) border. She has a white tail, white patches on her head and left side. Reward for her safe return.

Georgina: 0876739951




Missing Cat, Youghal Area.

Missing from the Youghal area. If seen or found Please contact the ACS or Deirdre Cott on 086 8732302. Thank you.


Lost Cat, Ballincollig.

Have you seen this lovely missing cat ? He went missing around April 30th in the Ballincollig area. If seen or found, pls call the ACS immediately on 087- 3199016. Thank you.


ADOPT, Please don't Buy !

The picture speaks for itself doesn't it?

Our Eurovision "Jeds" are lending their weight to a fantastic campaign run by ARAN. With rescue shelters bursting at the seams and having turn away animals since they have not even space for flea, buying an animal is condemning another much needed one to die. And that's the stark simple message which the "Jeds" are communicating to all who want to listen. For more news about Aran's campaign just click here.


PLEASE don't send me to China?

The Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) is considering/discussing  the sale/export of greyhounds to the people’s Republic of China. 

Many of us have seen the horrific videos of animal abuse in China, with cats and dogs skinned alive for their coats. Please make your views known to the people who are considering the export of Irish  Greyhounds to China. PLEASE  PLEASE  voice your concerns about this plan, do so by emailing, or better still, writing to the people listed below. Please make your voices heard.  Write to:

Simon Coveney - Minister for Agriculture, Marine and Food: /

Adrian Neilan - CEO, Irish Greyhound Board (IGB), Limerick HQ of Bord na gCon/Irish Greyhound Board

Green Park, Dock Road, Limerick :

Barry Coleman - Welfare and Racing Operations Manager, Irish Greyhound Board:


Seal Puppy Hunt? Just say NO !

ARAN Ireland had organised a protest against the forthcoming killing of hundreds of thousands of Seal puppies on the Canadian Ice floes.

The ACS supports ARAN in full in its protest against this inhumane practice.  Last Sunday ARAN called for a demonstration rally in support of their Action in Cork City centre and this picture was taken there.

For more on ARAN’s stance against animal cruelty see their website:


Would you like to be God today?

Look at her little face. Isn’t she beautiful and perfect? Now watch the video and read on. This beautiful kitten has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Rather than overwhelming you with details, just click the link at the bottom of this story and it will tell you all you want to know. The condition does not improve and normally does not get worse either.  She is so loving but requires a huge amount of care. When she eats we hold her stable between our hands since she can shake so violently that the food flies all over the place. She uses her litter tray and tries to play like the best of them. We’d say that on a  scale of 1 to 10 she ranks around 7-8, 1 being almost non affected and 10 so badly affected that they cannot be kept alive. So, what would you do today? God decided to bring her into this world. Are you the one who will have her euthanized and thus make the decision to take her little life ? Tough choice isn’t it? Yes, for some it is, for others she would be dumped/drowned thrown away like a discarded toy. For us in the ACS it is simple, we live or die by our own motto: Their lives…Our Passion. In her case, her tiny small life is our passion.  Were’ told: You are crazy, nuts, do you realize you’ve signed up to 10-20  years of constant care? Yes, we do and you know what: She is worth every minute of it. Please support our work, every cent you give us goes on our work, please click on the donate now link. Thank you.





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Sample letter, or email

Dear candidate

<today's date>

Good luck in your up and coming election campaign.  I am currently reviewing the policies of your party and those of the other parties, to decide where I will put my vote.  

 I am particularly interested in any policies or proposals your Party has with regard to the following:

  • Improving the problem of stray animals and ending the appalling destruction rate of these animals, which in some case exceeds 90%, when they are sent to the Government or local council supported pounds. 
  • Changing the current outdated legislation laid out in the 1986 Control of Dogs Act, and the still in force 1911 Protection of Animals act, and bringing it up to date,  by for example, the introduction of: 

1} New legislation to ensure that the government would have a responsibility to educate the public about Responsible Pet Ownership and the introduction of the “ Duty of Care” principle as a cornerstone of such legislation.

2) Compulsory neutering & spaying to be introduced for all pets unless licences  are purchased for breeding purposes, (the licence fees collected could be set against the cost of running  and policing these programmes).

3) The introduction of compulsory microchipping of all companion animals.

4)  Effective policing of the  legislationso that  companion animal breeders are monitored and people who breed animals without a licence, or those who purposefully neglect or cause harm to an animal, are stiffly fined and banned from owning another animal again. 

  • I would also like to know how the new legislation would also ensure that the Government would have a responsibility to care for and where possible rehome the unwanted animals surrendered to their pounds rather than destroying them at the earliest opportunity. 
  •  In addition I would also like to know how your Party, if elected to Government, intends to support the many voluntary Animal Welfare organisations who are currently doing the work of the Government and their supported pounds, by keeping many more strays off the streets than the official bodies ever have.
  • Lastly, I would like to know how you and your party, if elected, would introduce the subject of Responsible Animal Ownership into the schools curriculum, so that future generations of our citizens are taught to grow up with  respect for animals.

The current hopelessly outdated legislation dating back to before the formation of the Irish Free State has made us the laughing stock of Europe. As yet I have seen nothing in your campaign with regard to the above, which would entice me to vote for you rather than anyone else.  Before I vote for you to become my local representative, I would like to know whether you or your party have any policies or proposals with regard to this area at all,  and if such, a clear date by when such policies will be enacted.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

» Download Election Letter



Small Terrier/Jackrussel Type, Light Golden Brown, White Marking on Chest, Age 6, Neutered, Called Fudge. Erins Own, Glanmire, Cork,

Please Call 086 2749039, Reward


Missing on wednesday 23rd february 2011 from the Clashduv Estate, Glasheen Road area..he is a neutured ginger male, about 2 yrs old. His name is Garfield,and responds to his name with a tail wag.. he is very friendly.

Please contact Niamh Roe 0863739232





Winners of the ACS X'mas Raffle

1st prize: 250 EUROS

Jake Kelly Wilmot (Cork)

2nd Prize: 100 EUROS

John and linda Lowery ( Kerry)

3rd Prize: Shenna Jolly Picture

Maria Forde, (Galway)

4th Prize: Hand Bag and Jewellery

Claire Dooley ( Waterfall)

5th Prize: Case of Wine

Carmel O Leary ( Carrigaline)

6th Prize: Make up Kit in a display case

Lucy O'Connell ( Cork).


Cork ACS & St. Johns College Honour Fiona Sutcliffe

In a ceremony held at St. Johns College in Sawmill street the Cork ACS honoured St. Johns student Fiona Sutcliffe. Fiona had been selected by the college to receive the coveted annual Animal Care Society Trophy at her graduation ceremony.

This beautiful trophy is small statute in Waterford crystal for the student to keep and serves as a lasting momentum of their achievement.  To say that Fiona was surprised was an understatement, for a moment we were worried that she would be overcome. This is the fifth year that the ACS has been invited by the College to honour one of their students. It is a task which we undertake with the greatest of pleasure.  Students like Fiona represent one thing to us: HOPE. Hope for a better and kinder future for all those creatures who share this world with us and who so often suffer at the hand of Men.  The photo shows (L to R ) Alison Bush, Fiona’s class manager, Fiona Sutcliffe and Mary Lennon of the Cork ACS.

To Fiona we extend our heartfelt congratulations and to the college we say: Thank you for giving the students the chance to study at this fabulous course. St’ Johns ?  The (only) way to go!

We are coming to stay !

The call, of course, had to come in the evening. Hello ACS ? Can you help ?There are two swans in the back garden of an estate house here in Midleton. We do not understand how they have gotten in since the garden is totally walled and they don't seem to be able to get out!

Just the job for a cold and dark evening but our volunteer manager went to investigate. Yes, the caller was right...the young swans were there alright. Not much more could be done that night so our volunteers brought in water and bread to tie them over for the night. That was easier said than done since the house was not yet lived in so it all had to be done over the wall.

Our volunteers went back the next day and found to their joy that the new owners of the house were moving in that day. So... with some effort the swans were routed right thru the house, dining room and hall and out the front door and coached down to the nearby river. Lovely home owners and we thank them as very few people would allow two swans right thru their rooms. To all who helped we express our gratitude and to Anne who handled this from beginning to end we say:

We celebrate 10 years of Rescue !

Happy birthday ACS!  The Cork ACS is Ten years old.  In our short but eventful 10 years thousands of lives have been saved by you, our supporters and our dedicated volunteers. From that very first night in the Kingsley Hotel on the Lee road, on October the 3rd, 2000,  to where we are today the Cork ACS has tirelessly worked for the wellbeing of all animals in this county and on occasion, in the country. From rescue and rehoming, to campaigning for better animal welfare legislation and education to children and adults alike, the Cork ACS has promoted compassion and kindness to the animals which share our planet with us. It is fitting that the ACS will tonight be meeting with Minister John Gormley, who has been instrumental in getting the Dog Breeding Legislation through the Dail, against fierce opposition as well as the Wild Life Amendment Act. We pay tribute to the Minister for his actions.

To YOU, our friends and supporters we pay tribute, because it is YOU who has given us the means and support which are needed for us to carry out our work. YOU, and only you made that possible. The Vets need to be paid and without your contributions that simply cannot happen. It is YOU who turned Death into Life, Hunger into Food, and Misery into Comfort. Please be proud of your support and your achievements since without it, you would not be reading this.

From all of us and above all from the countless animals you helped to save: THANK YOU. It truly could not have been done without you.

ACS Christmas cards sold out

UPDATE: Now sold out !

As in other years they are also available from Waterstones bookstore in Cork City centre , Maxi Zoo petstores in Douglas and Ballincollig and selected veterinary surgeries. Katie, who designs our cards, has excelled herself again and even if we say so ourselves, they are beautiful. And do NOTE: All our cards and our calendar are printed right here in Cork, Omah printing in Wilton (Cork) is our printer. Fireball Media in Carrigaline, who maintains our website, and Katie our graphic designer are local to Cork too. The ACS has always supported local cork businesses and always will. Every cent of any sale goes to the charity and on our work helping the animals. Every cent.

Jedward is joining the fight!

The Cork ACS is delighted to see that up and coming pop stars John and Edward are joining the Fight Against Animal Abuse Across Ireland.

We have always made clear that we consider the children and teenagers of this county the seed corn of the future. What better way than to see these guys joing and supporting the good fight In the meantime, be sure to tell all your friends on Facebook about JEDWARD's new campaign to help animals. You, our website visitors, have got the potential of changing the hearts and minds of countless children and teenagers -the animal defenders of tomorrow.

The ACS has since its foundation, now 10 years ago, tirelessly campaigned for up-to-date animal welfare legislation. "Explaining" to visitors and citizens alike that our primary animal welfare legislation will be one full century ( 100 years!) old next year is often met with incredulity. People find that almost impossible to believe. Working with other welfare groups and ARAN we continue to put pressure on the department of Agriculture to change the hopelessly outdated 1911 Act. With help of young, enthusiastic stars like the Jedwards, we hope to come closer to that long wanted goal.

For more about ARAN's work, visit their website: and make YOUR voice heard. What are you waiting for ? Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution !


The story below these lines you are about to read was put on our website sometime in early 2007. The reason you are reading it now is that sadly, the story is as valid today as when it was written.

Were you to drive down the Goats path in West Cork and look under a little local pier, this is what you would see: The body of a lovely dog, rope around his neck, the big rock at the end of the rope still attached. We are not showing you  the photo, it is simply too horrible. His eyes have been eaten  out by the fishes and the crabs have made a home inside his body. Why, why this abhorrent cruelty ? Why ? Was he not worth even a bullet ? A visit to a local vet to be humanly put down ? Are you kidding me, the “owner” would say,  that costs money and an old bit of rope and a rock costs none. Loyalty ? What are you on about ? Loyalty ? To a dog ? Are you crazy ? He was old and no good anymore so I got rid of him. You animal welfare people are crazy. Dogs are for Man’s use and abuse, didn’t you know that ?  It is “owners” like that who give meaning to the saying: Dog? Man’s  Best Friend. Man? Dog’s worst enemy.

A  picture speaks a thousand words.  The suffering this dog went through cannot be adequately expressed in words. Her broken and battered body was found on a beach in West Cork. The  bailing twine still around her  neck. Both rear legs broken at the hock. Some "human" being inflicted this suffering on her and afterwards tossed her into the sea.  What was her crime ? Did she chase a chicken ? Did she get in the way of a visitor?  Or maybe, just maybe, was she too playful, too full of life and the joys what the future could have held for her? We will never know. She was not deemed worthy a visit to a vet to have her short life taken away in a more humane way.  The person  who inflicted the suffering on her thought nothing of it. She was a "thing" which was no longer needed.  Something to be disposed of, like an old rusty tool. Her whimpering and cries fell on deaf ears. She was found by an ACS supporter who cried tears over her broken body. She received no love in her short life, but in her death she was  tenderly carried ashore, the bailing twine was gently removed from her neck. Fresh flowers were cut for her and she was buried with the tears of her finder fresh upon her face. The love she sought was given to her at last.   May she rest in peace.  

We ask ourselves, “WHAT WAS HER CRIME ?”  We apologise if readers find this upsetting, but cruel acts like these are something we in the ACS and other animal welfare groups are faced with frequently..

Missing Sheepdog


Missing German Shepherd

Missing from the Drinagh area since monday 15th Nov German Shepherd age 7yrs, he is microchipped and nuetered He responds to the name Dingo he was wearing a Black leather collar, Please contact the owners on O87- 4123812 or 086 -8928116 there is a reward offered












Paying Tribute to our heroes

The ACS wishes to pay tribute to a very special group of people. They work unseen and frequently, unknown. What is it they do I hear you ask ? They look after some of  the countless feral cats this country has. They feed them, and were possible trap them and have them neutered to stop the endless cycle of Pain,  Death and Suffering. They do their silent work year round and in all weathers. They know it was only 150 years ago that their great great Grandparents were dying from the famine on these shores. These folks are our unseen heroes. Many of them pay for the food themselves and even though, due to the recession, cat food is now a bit cheaper, food costs money and so do the vets. Each of them would love to take them home but each of them is already overloaded. We salute these people. Some we know, many we do not. But each and every one of them is worthy of our motto: Their Lives...Our Passion.  For them it reads:  Their Lives...My Passion.

Born to Die

The photo’s say it all. Not even 8 weeks old. Eyes?  they have no eyes. A sulfuring mass of puss is where their eyes should be. What in God’s name happened you ask ? In short, cat flue, which was not treated. Like in our story above, “What was their crime” ? treatment cost money, just imagine, a visit to Vet, some Aureomycin, or Chloromycitin could have so easily prevented this. But for that to happen a compassionate human would be needed, compassionate to find enough humanity in his/her soul to take these kittens to a vet. To the people who allow this to happen we simply say this: Was that meal out so much more important than their Lives ? Was it ?

For all of you who are reading this, please know,  Eyes are the ideal breeding grounds for infections. Warm & moist, the best environment any bacteria can hope for. Those kittens could not make the appointment themselves but you could and can. When you have that next meal out, remember, that money would have saved four small lives. All it would have taken was compassion, compassion to  creatures who depended on us humans to show us worthy of being called a Human.

Sign Online Petition

Find and prosecute the people who tied litter of kittens together with wire and left them to die

Three baby kittens were found on 25th September in Galway by people on holidays.  The kittens were dumped at the roadside, tied together with wire, which had cut into their flesh. Their tiny feet were partly truncated.  They did not survive this abuse. It seems the monster who did that is getting away with it.

» You can sign the petition here


Your Vacation time is here, but what about your Pet's?

Yep, for those of you lucky enough to take a break, the question arises, where to go with our Pets? Ideally, we should be able to leave them at home and have a RELIABLE person look after them. But... that is fraught with difficulties. Every year we in the ACS gets reports of animals which have been lost. The “reliable” Neighbour/Aunt/Uncle/Friend/Boyfriend/Girl friend slipped up and the treasured Pet is gone. Heartaches galore and a rotten way to come back from that vacation. The answer is a RELIABLE boarding cattery or kennel. In this article we highlight a cattery close to Cork, near Coachford  to be precise.

It’s called Happy cats Cattery and the proprietor is Melanie. Melanie’s cattery is small so you are advised to book your Pet’s stay well in time. But that “smallness” has a real advantage. It insures that your cat(s) will get personal care and attention at all times and isn’t one of many (too many) to be looked after. Remember, it is your vacation, but for your treasured Pet it is being away from their own environment which is stressful. With Melanie’s personal attention that impact is lessened and you can be assured that your cat gets all the love and attention she deserves. The Cork ACS wholeheartedly recommends Happy Cats cattery.

Melanie’s cattery can be seen by clicking here (
and she comes warmly recommended by the Cork ACS. But remember, X’mas is just around the corner :) so book early to avoid disappointment. Coming home to find that your treasured Pet has vanished would well and truly spoil that lovely time away. Tell her the Cork ACS recommended her to you and your Moggie(s) will get even more hugs and kisses!

Note that Melanie is a member of the Irish Boarding Kennels and Cattery Association. Melanie can be contacted on 026-48956 or on 087 2477452.




Are you missing this lovely Lad ? If so pls contact us asap.

Male beagle, un-neutered, approx 5 yrs old, tri-colour, no collar  picked up at St. Finbar's Cathedral in the city, saw him wandering from UCC/Dennehy's cross carpark inwards, followed me for a bit in UCC and saw him following others after so pulled in. No collar, he is microchipped but the vets couldn't track down the owner, number disconnected and the guys name "Sean Spokes" not in directory inquiries.

If anyone is looking for this dog please contact Sinead Fahey at 087 7547581.



Missing from the Caherlag area, between Glanmire & Glounthaune, He is neutered 2 & 1/2 year old male long haired tabby.

He was wearing a purple suede collar with gold stars with bell & tags with my number on - maybe he lost it. If you find him, please ring or email the ACS.




Found, male ginger cat

Found in the Coppeen area, Co. Cork. This lovely young male gentleman. If you are missing him, please contact the ACS. .








A grain of Rice saved my Life !

Intrigued ? How possibly can a grain of Rice save a life? Read on and you’ll find out. What you see here is a microchip. This is the chip which is implanted into a dog or cat, or any other animal for that matter, when the owner has the foresight to request this.  Every year countless animals get lost and in many many cases, they have no collar, no name tag or any other form of identifying them.

The Law considering stray dogs is very clear. He has 5 days, including the weekends, if he gets into  the hands of a pound or a dog warden. 5 Days, That’s all. After that, the dog becomes property of the pound and can be destroyed. No if’s, no Buts’. Please note that some pounds are better than others and may give the poor animal a few days extra grace, but they are not obliged to do so. That poor dog could be your most treasured Pet who was chased, got lost or for any other reason could not find his way back home.

IF HE HAD A MICROCHIP he could be identified and if the Chip is properly registered in your name, re-uniting you and him, or her, becomes a simple task. People often ask, how does the chip work ? Does it “transmit” a signal? The simple answer is no. Until a Micro chip  scanner is brought in very close proximity ( a few centimetres) of the chip, the chip is inert, in other words, just the same as that rice grain. Only when  the scanner is very close will the chip “wake-up” and transmit its ID code and that is what the scanner reads,  a string of numbers.  That number code allows us, or the Vet, to access databases   which store the actual number and tie that number to the details of the owner.  You can just see the actual chip in the middle of the picture, under the words: Pocket reader.  (The 13 amp fuse is only shown for size). The cost of having your dog, or cat chipped ?  Very reasonable and it varies by Vet, say between 30 and 50 Euro. That is not a lot for peace of mind and it gives your treasured Pet a far far better chance to be re-united with you if the unthinkable happens. So... don’t delay, have Rufus, or Felix, “Chipped” today!


Yes, your dog can look like this too

The Cork ACS is pleased to promote the services of one of our dedicated Supporters. Do  you have a need for any one of the following services ? All of them are carried out in your own home by a fully trained and qualified groomer.

  • Dog Grooming
  • De-Shedding
  • Trimming and Styling
  • Nail trimming and Paw Care
  • Puppy Grooming and Socialisation
  • Hand Scissoring
  • De-matting
  • Ear Care

In addition, Zdenka  offers dog walking and training  services. Her rates are extremely reasonable and her work is first class, we should know as she is helping amongst others Hillview Animal Sanctuary with their sanctuary dogs. So, if your time is precious and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get Herself, or Himself, to the groomer, well, here is the answer, the groomer will come to you!

To book your appointment, please call Zdenka on 086-364 3818. You be glad you did !



We just received this email from our friends at ARAN who, like the ACS, have been tirelessly campaigning for better and more humane animal welfare legislation. An extract of their email follows below, they NEED YOU. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Come along and show that YOU care. An hour or two of YOUR TIME CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE ! Help us to build a world in which there are no more "Harry's".

"The coming days and weeks are vital for most of this legislation, as the Dail are due to close soon ( in the next week) for their recess/summer break. It's vital that we get this legislation discussed and enacted. This is why we desperately need you to set aside just a couple of hours to join caring ARAN supporters for a special, peaceful vigil outside of Government buildings, to remind our leaders that we, the people of Ireland are watching. The lively vigil will be led by a giant 'dog', banners and signs will be provided, so just bring yourself and anyone you can recruit to join you.

The Ward Union deer hunt is a disgusting and cruel practice, which involves chasing a terrified, dehorned deer by a pack of innocent, crazed hounds that chase the deer for miles while they try desperately to run for their lives.
Fur farming is another savage practice , where fur bearing animals such as mink and foxes are caged in smelly, dirty, small, barren cages until they are gassed and finally electrocuted.


Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Time: 6pm - 9pm sharp (please be sure to arrive, most importantly, for the first hour at least)
Place: Dail Eireann, Kildare Street
Contact: John Carmody 087-2391646"

P.S. If we cannot show support for the above vital pieces of legislation, then all of our hard work to achieve this will have been wasted! Hunters and blood sports enthusiasts gathered in Waterford recently with thousands marching to keep their cruel and barbaric sport. You can be sure they will turn out in force in order to keep their miserable forms of 'entertainment'.

Where are the thousands of people for the animals in Ireland? That's why I am asking everyone who cares to make sure they attend this vital vigil for just a couple of hours on Wednesday June 23rd. It's in the evening so we're hoping that people who work during the day, that generally can't make daytime events - will be able to find time for this evening event. We'll never make real change for animals in Ireland if important events such as this are not supported and what's more it's extremely disheartening when just a couple of people attend and yet we see thousands attend pro-hunt rallies. Can we please do our best to change this around?


Missing Cat

Male, neutered, ginger tabby cat. Three years old. Named crunchy. Wearing a black flea collar. He is missing since the 13th of July.

Please Contact: Kate Biggs. Cloyne, Cork
Telephone: 087 6844172



Missing Cat

Lost from Grange/Pinecroft area since Monday 26th July Kobi - 4 year old female black/dark brown cat - neutered and micro-chipped Wearing a red leather collar, with silver paw prints on it, but no tag as she had just lost it. Very friendly cat, and very vocal. Has never strayed before, and is always home for dinner and her bed. We're worried she may have been taken in as a stray, or be locked in a shed/garage. Much missed family pet, the house isn't the same without her.

Please contact Leo on 0858235296, or Rachel on 0858219689 with any info.





Missing Cat

From Rathcormac. Smokey grey & white Male called Boo.
Missing since Wed 23/06/10.

Much loved family pet. If anyone has seen him, please contact
Rachel on 0876340487





My name is Janet, please help me

My name is Janet. My brother and sister are dead but because of the ACS I am alive. I just came back from Clare Meade, the Vet at the Cat Hospital in Glanmire. The kind ACS lady who took me in says I have a dreadful leg wound, full of puss, and I was riddled with fleas eating me alive, amongst the many other things wrong with me.

I'm now on antibiotics and am being cared for by the ACS. That's my story. I feel alone and sad, my brother and sister weren't so lucky. Please say a prayer for them, they too have souls and deserved to live.


The many benefits of neutering

» Click Here To Download PDF

Promoting Animal Welfare

During the last month the ACS was invited by St. John's college and by FOTA Wildlife Parks to participate on their special days. And so we did as the photo's show. Visitors to the ACS stand in St. John's were met by Anne Fitzgerald and Catherine Griffin who proudly flew the ACS Welfare banner and a running slide show pictured a few of the thousands of animals which were rescued since we were founded.

The FOTA day was a huge success too, children to our stand were treated to a little Dogs Trust give away, kindly donated to the ACS by the Dogs Trust and the ACS team was on hand to answer questions on many aspects of animal welfare. The Photo taken at the Fota stand shows from left to right: Nellie from the Ferret and exotic bird sanctuary in Co. Kerry, Anne Fitzgerald, Catherine Griffin, Elisabeth McGroarty, Albert Kleyn,and Katie McGroarty.

For those of you who wondered who designs our beautiful calendar and Christmas cards ? Wonder no more: You are looking at her: our very own Katie McGroarty! Missing from the photo is Silver, Nellie's daughter, who was busy taking the photo! The Cork ACS expresses its sincere appreciation to Principal and Staff of St. John's college and FOTA management and staff for their marvellous support to the Cork ACS on the days. ( Linda. thanks for the endless cups of coffee and Tea, you stole our hearts.) (By the way. in the very left of the photo you can see Paddy Barrett and his wife Eileen who are in charge of the Liscarrol Donkey Sanctuary ! Admission to the Donkey Sanctuary is free so why not go and see all the wonderful rescued guys out there and support their work too).


Missing: Tyrone

PLEASE look out for Tyrone, who went missing from Lower O’Connell street in Kinsale. There is a large reward for his safe return.

Please contact Mark or Kirsten directly on 086 382 3363, they miss him dreadfully and he is only 6 months old. Note that he is microchipped.


Missing tabby cat - Pembroke Wood

Charley went missing from Pembroke Wood on Sunday the 28th of March. She is a 3 year old grey/brown tabby cat. She is completely white underneath except for a bit of colour above her chest. Her nose is unusual it is black brown and pink and she is brown directly under her mouth and to the right of her nose. She is a lovely cat and is sorely missed. She wasn’t wearing her collar but she is micro-chipped.

I would appreciate it if anyone with any information of her whereabouts could contact me on 087 2801077.




Our cat has gone missing from Lima Lawn in Glasheen on Wednesday the 24th february. 
He is a male shorthair, neutered, ginger/marmalade coloured cat with tabby markings. He is medium sized and a heavy build. He has amber coloured eyes.
He is very much loved and at this stage we are very worried about him as he has never been away from us for more then a day. We would be so grateful to hear if anyone has seen him or found him.

Anyone with information please contact Claire on 085 7328403 or Aisling on 087 9384227


1st Prize:  Ger Burts.

2nd Prize: Brendan Ruby

3rd Prize: Gemma Cotter ( Prize donated back to the ACS)

4th Prize: Deanna Lehane

5th Prize: Elisabeth White

6th Prize: Annette Conran

7th to 13th Prizes: Bill Cusack, S. Smith, Wendy Knott, Joe O’Dwyer, Mary Malone, Jenny Keohane, Sarah Walsh.

The Cork ACS wishes to express its sincere gratitude to all our Raffle participants who bought books of tickets and thus helped to make this such a success. Your participation is directly helping to save lives!


Have you seen this lost cat ?

If so, please call the ACS on 021-4551781, or email



The following news has just reached us. We are almost afraid to believe it and are looking for official confirmation: In the new upcoming Irish animal welfare bill it has been agreed that:

Provisions of the legislation will be a commitment to:

  • Adopt the principles and 5 freedoms set out in the recent Scottish Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, particularly in relation to cruelty and neglect, to ensure that the welfare of animals is properly protected and that the penalties for offenders are increased significantly,
  • Replace the culling of badgers with more effective and humane methods of control
  • Phase-out fur farming over three years
  • End stag hunting

The ACS, in common with many other reputable animal welfare groups, has tirelessly campaigned since the day of its formation for better and more appropriate animal welfare legislation to replace the hopelessly outdated 1911 Protection of Animals Act. ( Yes, you read that right: Nineteen Eleven, 1911 ! ) If this news is true and we do get these steps enscrined in enforcable legislation a huge step forward for our animals will have been achieved.

The publication and implementation of the new Act cannot come soon enough. Welfare Groups country wide are desperately struggling with overload, lack of funds and are fighting hourly and daily battles to save as many lives as they can. But, without proper enforcable legislation all of us are virtually powerless to effect the desperately needed changes we need, or more appropriately, the animals need, so that their lives can be adequately protected. Perhaps the new legislation will help us to put a stop to this saying: Dog ? Man's best friend. Man ? Dog's worst enemy. We will keep you informd on any developements that reach us.




PLEASE help find Oscar

This is Oscar, who has been missing from his home in Old Youghal Road, Nr, Dillons Cross, Cork, for over two weeks. He is a very much loved pet and his owner is distraught. Oscar is a male, Grey and black stripped with white front and paws. He was wearing a red collar and bell but that might have come off.

If you see or have news of him PLEASE ring the ACS 021-4551781 or Helen on 087 680 2592. There is a reward for his safe return.

LOST, can you help ?

If you are in or near the Fermoy area PLEASE keep a look out for Jake ?

His description:
Over 1yr old neutered male cat. Black with tiny white patch on chest. Tail is long haired with grey running through it. He was wearing a silver/grey reflective collar with blue medal. He wouldn't willingly approach strangers. Lost in the Fermoy area. Jake is a very much beloved pet and owners are truly distraught.

Please call Patricia. (086-2665838) with any information

And down the road we go (again)

Welcome back on board said Oxana, the duty purser, as we once more arrived on board of the Isle Of Inishmore, bound for Pembroke in Wales from Roslare. The Irish Ferries “Isle of Inishmore”  is a home away from home for us, and Irish Ferries deserves a huge tribute for their help to the ACS.  22 cats and kittens were safely accommodated in our ambulance and 3 of them were only 2 weeks old, small little waives, in care of Anne ( see her on the “About us page” ). Time and time again we have to appeal to our UK friends, there are simply not enough homes here for us to cope with the demands placed on us. After driving all night ( the ferry arrives at 01:10 ) we reached our destination and were warmly greeted by Jackie.

Within 1.5 hours the cats were safely settled into their new quarters and our ambulance once more traversed the roads, back to Pembroke and on to Roslare.  37 hours after leaving our very tired driver turned the ignition key to OFF. For those cats and kittens, once more we proved what we live by: Their Lives...Our Passion. We would not want it any other way.

In Memoriam: Baby Loki

Not all the animals we rescue live to be rehomed. Some fight valiantly for life, others simply fade away. All we can do is remember them, tell their stories and hope to whatever gods are out there, if any, that humanity can learn to be humane; can learn to care for and respect all the living things we share this amazing miracle of a planet with.

Baby Loki was the youngest in a tiny litter of four, and the tiniest kitten of all. Sharing the tabby markings common in the group he had a distinctivelly attractive smattering of ginger. He shared his sisters' gently affectionate natures. With his wide eyes and unfailing attention he pulled everyone's heartstrings.

But he didn't thrive. While the other kittens were going from strength to strength, growing in size and boldness, Little Loki remained tiny, placid and insubstantial; a small bundle of beautiful, tender skin and bones and fur. No sniffles, no obvious illness, just a slow fading away. There was nothing we could do for him and Loki died on the vets examination table on Friday 11th July 2008.

It's possible that, even with a healthy start in life, Loki would have died. It's just as, if not more, likely that any or all of the animal rights abuses that are endemic here contributed: the casual cruelty, the inbreeding that results from human guardians' indifference to neutering, the lack of care, the unhealthy diet ...

Like all kittens, Loki was special. Like all the kittens we've been unable to save, he will be sorely missed and remembered with great affection.
His story, and that of his family, is here in full.

Any "Humans" out there ?

Just when you think it can't get any worse you find out that you're wrong. This dog was hit by car and suffered severe injuries. The first call to the Garda was placed at 3pm on Sunday. More than 24 hrs later (!) the dog was still lying there and in that time many people simply walked past him. The ACS received a call for help on this dog late in the night the FOLLOWING day and within two hours the dog was at the nearest veterinary surgery.

With a Broken pelvis, collapsed lung, several open wounds and totally dehydrated, he was immediately put on a drip and stabilised so that X'rays and proper treatment could be decided upon. The truly appalling thing is that people simply walked by this dog and left him there in all his pain and agony. This is a sweet and gentle Dog, who would not have bitten a rescuer, even though he must have been in dreadful pain. He is now safe but God only knows what he must think about us "humans". As Mahatma Ghandi said: "The moral progress of a nation can be judged by the way it treats it's animals". If that's the case, we in Ireland have a long long way to go.

Make it Christmas All Year Round

It has already started. Christmas is barely behind us and the dumping season is taking its place. See our advert which sums it up in one sentence:

That Dog/Cat/Puppy or Kitten became a member of your family when given. Please honor your responsibilities !

ACS Education Programme 2009/2010

There's no question that education is a key factor in improving the animal welfare situation in our country. To meet the challenge we've a new, inspiring symbol of animal care "Mr James the Finger Puppet", and he'll be touring schools all over Cork City and County throughout the new year. He'll be educating students on responsible pet ownership, interacting with animals and caring for them. And, alongside our ACS educators, he'll be answering all kids' questions and increasing their awareness of what we do and why we need to do it. Ultimately, such education will reduce (and maybe even eliminate!) the need for the existence of organisations like the ACS.

We earnestly believe people can learn the importance of caring for our animal companions; and understand that they are not a disposable commodity - not 'Just for Christmas'. If you are a teacher, a principal or a student and would like your school to be part of this inspiring educational programme, please contact us on Or order your own Mr James thru our Animal Care Week promotion - see below.

Education is the long-term bottom line in promoting animal welfare. By conducting an ongoing successful education programme we are actively working to reduce animal cruelty in the future, while minimising it today.

I rescued a human today!

I rescued a human today.
Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering
apprehensively into the kennels.
I felt her need instantly and knew I had to help her.
I wagged my tail, not too exuberantly, so she wouldn't be afraid.
As she stopped at my kennel I blocked her view from a little accident I
had in the back of my cage.
I didn't want her to know that I hadn't been walked today.
Sometimes the shelter keepers get too busy and I didn't want her to
think poorly of them.
As she read my kennel card I hoped that she wouldn't feel sad about my
I only have the future to look forward to and want to make
a difference in someone's life.
She got down on her knees and made little kissy sounds at me.
I shoved my shoulder and side of my head up against the bars to comfort
Gentle fingertips caressed my neck; she was desperate for companionship.
A tear fell down her cheek and I raised my paw to assure her that all
would be well.
Soon my kennel door opened and her smile was so bright that I instan
jumped into her arms.
I would promise to keep her safe.
I would promise to always be by her side.
I would promise to do everything I could to see that radiant smile and
sparkle in her eyes.
I was so fortunate that she came down my corridor.
So many more are out there who haven't walked the corridors.
So many more to be saved.
At least I could save one.

I rescued a human today.

The ACS expresses its gratitude to Ms. Janine Allen for her permission to show her poem on our website.


Does this look familiar ? 40 of these posters could be found all over Cork city and some in the county. Their message ? Pretty clear we think. SPAY/NEUTER your Pet(s). At the same time we ran the add you see below in the Irish Examiner newspaper. The text speaks for itself. Officially, 14598 dogs were killed in Ireland.

Officially. Unofficially ? Probably double that number. The official number only counts the pound kill numbers. The ones drowned, thrown out in the woods, over the edge of a cliff, or given to vet for euthanasia ( the "lucky" ones ) are NOT included. For cats ? This is Ireland, " We don't do cats ". No official figures have to be recorded but you can take it from us, that number is way higher still. Just read the article on this page: "And you thought Animal Welfare was easy?" Very few organisations are active in cat welfare, it is extremely costly, emotionally and soul destroying and you will always be overloaded. But Their Lives too are.Our Passion.

Are we active ? Yes, we are. Proof is before your very eyes. Need more convincing ? Click here:

Desperate Times ? Desperate Measures !

Full is full ? Yes, there was no more room at the "Inn" So, in desperation we had to go the final mile.

As the photos show we rented a Porta Cabin which had to be lifted and lowered by crane so that we could provide the desperately needed bit of extra space we wanted to save those kitten lives. We had no choice, call after call begging or pleading or threatening: "I will make these kittens Join the Navy", if YOU don't take them. Pure blackmail? Yes ! And now even that no longer works, we are full and even our new temp unit is in full use.

We need to find another 140 Euro per month now, these units do not come cheap, but what price a life ? What price to not "Join the Navy"?

Please help us, if you have a few Euro which isn't spoken for, click on our donate on-line link and help us. You can see with your own eyes where you money goes. Will you please help us ?

Teaching Pet owners of the future

Yes, you are looking at the Pet owners of the future. This photo was taken in the Douglas Court library, one of the many the Cork ACS visited during the Cork Libraries summer activity program. The ACS participated on request of the Cork City Library Executive in their program by means of a series of interactive talks with the children. The enthusiasm of the kids was unbelievable and it is a true understatement to say that the kids were spellbound.

With help of the superb materials provided to us by the Dogs Trust the kids were able to go home with toys and booklets to recall with they had learned during the talk. The Cork ACS wishes to extend its sincere appreciation to the staff in the libraries we visited, we were made so very welcome and they could not do enough for us. A special Thank You to the parents and the children too, all of you helped to make this a success and give hope for the future of all animals in our country.

Pet Expo 2008

As you can see the Cork Animal Care Society was flying the flag at the first ever Munster Pet Expo. Our stand at the Mallow racecourse attracted a huge amount of interest, sometimes people were standing three deep to talk to us and hear about our work for the abandoned and stray animals in Cork. Shown here are just a few photo's of the audience and the stand. Our now famous Tshirt with its slogan: Have your best friend neutered certainly made people take notice. One of the photo's shows Sara, our cattery manager, with a little kitten which a passerby had found in a nearby hotel car park and handed in to us, right at the stand.

Fortunately, our ACS Animal Ambulance was onsite and food and treatment for sore eyes was at hand to deal with the little waif. Also shown is Mrs. Brenda Comerford from the Dogs Trust in Dublin, wearing her yellow DT Tshirt, flanked by Sara and Hazel from the ACS. To all who dropped by and said hello to our crew we express our thanks. Your support was wonderful.

*Urgent* Animal Lovers please take note *Urgent*

A resume of the new draft animal welfare bill is now available on the department of agriculture website. See

The department have given YOU the public a short six (6) week window to provide comments on the most important animal welfare legislation change in nearly a century ! But, you are not shown the actual draft bill itself, instead you are given a resume which makes meaningful comments impossible since you do not and cannot know what wording is used in the actual bill which can run to a large amount of pages.

PLEASE tell the department that you as a the public have a right to see the whole bill, not a small sanitised version. You might also want to consider that a 6 week window for comments is a hopelessly short period to study the MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE IN ANIMAL WELFARE LEGISLATION IN ALMOST A CENTURY. PLEASE DO YOUR BIT, we will have to live with the implementation of this bill for a long time to come.

Important information for all our supporters & visitors with an interest in cat welfare

Please take a moment to click on the following link:
Consultation on the Draft Cat Welfare Code of Practice

This will take you to a new consultation paper issued by the Scottish Government. It considers draft legislation on the subject of cat welfare. It is well written and we urge you to have a look at this document. Furthermore, if you feel passionate about the subject of cat welfare, and we hope you do, we urge you to drop a line to Minister Mary Coughlan at the department of agriculture, her email is:

Please urge her to have her officials adopt a similar approach to cat welfare here in Ireland. Please do this, those few minutes of your time might in the long run save a huge amount of suffering and misery.

Look at the photo & tell us you do not care

This poor cat was caught in the trap shown here. The pain, agony and suffering defies imagination. These traps do not kill, they MAIM. Imagine having your hand in one of those, with the steel slicing thru your wrist. A brave brave passerby was able to get her hands on this poor cat and was able to get him to a vet where we met her.. Scenes like this are the cause that our volunteers have sleepless nights, sleepless nights because of human carelessness and indifference. Plenty people walked by this suffering animal and did nothing, Exactly Nothing. As Irishman George Bernard Shaw said: "Our worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them but to be indifferent to them, that is the essence of inhumanity".

Please support the Cork ACS, we campaign, we educate, we rescue, we treat. But we need you on our side. Will you be there for us, like we were there for him?

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