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Sponsor A Pet

Our Sponsor A Pet program was created to help us care for those unfortunate animals for whom no permanent home can ever be found. See their individual stories to find out why.

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Pop came to us delivered in a steel crate, shaking uncontrollably with fear.  Let’s put it this way, she was unwanted and only we can only imagine what she had gone through in her life.  For the first month, she barely ate, and if you so much as looked at her…  she would cower away and hide herself.  You would think that she expected to be beaten any second. 

With endless patience and effort this totally nervous dog was shown that not all humans are bad and some can be trusted.  Pop can never be rehomed, she is unable to handle strangers and it is as if any new face opens a door to horrible memories.  With the key sanctuary volunteers she is fine and she loves playing with the other dogs at the sanctuary, but for humans… she has little time. Can you blame her after what she must have gone through?

Like all our animals, she receives the care she deserves.  We can’t rehome her, but maybe she could occupy a little place in your heart?

Popeye and Penny

Popeye (black and white) and Penny (black) came from the council out of a horrific cruelty case: they were part of a group of twenty-two dogs who were removed from an appalling situation.  Various other welfare groups stepped in and also took several of the dogs from this cruelty case.

As with Pop, these dogs cannot really handle strangers but are at ease with the sanctuary staff, whom they know and have learned to trust after years.  Due to their history, they cannot be rehomed and we will never split them up as they are the best of friends and depend on each other for support.  Popeye will play ball all day long and will wear out the most energetic volunteer; the ball is his life and it is as if he is making up for all those years of previous misery.


Brambles has no owner and was taken in to save his life. His rescue was one of the most difficult undertaken by the ACS. In the right hands, Brambles would make a lovely dog but we have not been able to find that special home for him and, in mid-time, he remains at the sanctuary where he feels safe surrounded by his friends. At the sanctuary, Brambles has discovered how to play the ball and, now, all he wants is to play with one all day long.

Brambles is one of the rare dogs who seems to prefer men over women. We wonder what caused this, but it is unlikely we will ever know the cause.

You could help us care for Brambles by sponsoring him. It would make it easier for us to provide him with food a warm shed and an endless supply of balls.


Little Red

Little Red’s story has made ACS members and supporters cry and has kept us awake at night. Since he was rescued with his four sisters in August 2011, Little Red had always been the smallest, weakest and most reserved of the litter. His fosterer became really worried when she discovered that he would not eat. It was then discovered by Clare Meade from The Cat Hospital that Little Red had a diaphragmatic hernia and he had to undergo a very long operation. However, there were some complications and Little Red was operated again the following week. Although he recovered well, things are not that simple for Little Red. He needs constant treatment and all his food has to be liquidised for him – otherwise he throws up. We believe that he has a condition called megaesophagus.

Little Red will remain with his fosterer as it is demanding to care after a kitten with such needs. However, you can help us looking after Little Red by sponsoring him and he will become a little bit like your child.


Spider was found by ACS members when she was barely more than a kitten. Yet, she was already a mother and was living with her kittens in a wheelie bin. Her contact with the outside world? A small hole in the bin through which she could barely get out.

After her rescue, Spider was diagnosed with asthma. She is the loveliest cat and lives a happy life, but whoever cares for her should be prepared to run her in emergency to the vet in case of an attack. She has found this person and is loved with passion. She will remain in the care of the ACS as very few people would be willing to make the sacrifices her fosterer makes. Morever, she has found a place where she can live happily, away from the nightmare of her previous life. You can help us caring for Spider by becoming her godmother/father.


Wobbles has cerebellar hypoplasia. The condition does not improve and normally does not get worse either. She is a loving cat, but requires a huge amount of care. When she eats we hold her stable between our hands since she can shake so violently that the food flies all over the place. She uses her litter tray and tries to play like the best of them. We’d say that on a scale of 1 to 10 she ranks around 7-8 – 1 being almost non-affected and 10 so badly affected that they cannot be kept alive.

Most people would have decided to have this little kitten euthanised; however, the ACS has decided otherwise. We have decided to give her a chance to enjoy life like other cats. Were’ told: “You are crazy, nuts; do you realise you’ve signed up to 10-20 years of constant care?”. Yes, we do, but her life is our passion. It could also become yours by sponsoring her.

Small Boy

“I’m only a small boy,” says he. He might be a small boy, but he has a very big heart. Small Boy was one of the many kittens coming out of the engine of a car. Fortunately, he was found and brought into the care of the ACS. However, in his early life, Small Boy developed Feline Infectious Entiritis (FIE), also known as feline panleukopenia. He could have died from it, but Small Boy is a little fighter and he survived. Yet, if you ever meet him, you will notice that he carries some remnants of his disease: he holds his head tilted and is deaf in one ear.

Small Boy lives a cosy life and is loved to bits by his carer, as well as his feline and canine friends. Can you see the look in his eyes? Doesn’t it mean “please, love me as well”? And you can do so by choosing to sponsor Small Boy.


If there are stories which break our hearts, you are reading one. Look at this Mum and her kittens. Please look at her. A happy Mum and her baby's right? WRONG. This is Princess and she is paralysed! Not even the finest vet in the land can explain how she managed to give birth. We certainly don't know. A huge Tom did this to her, the same Tom which so maimed her sister that she could not be saved. The same Tom which killed all the sisters kittens, one by one. The future for Princess is uncertain, this happened six (6!) months ago and she was not taken to a vet for treatment. As the owner was afraid that the vet would put her down. How she got pregnant we do not understand, we cannot understand, this cat is paralysed! She is an adorable cat and a fantastic Mum, she dotes on her kittens and cares for them like no other.

For now Princess is safe, she is with us, The Animal CARE Society. We are proud of our name and she is living proof of it.

Please support the ACS by sponsoring Princess. Your support will help pay for her food, warm bedding and most importantly veterinary care.


When the ACS rescued Bennie, he had been attacked by a dog and was suffering a broken pelvis, a very badly fractured femur and a dreadful infection had set in, spreading through his body from the bite wounds. It was thought that he might have to lose his rear leg. Because of his infection, Bennie could not be operated at first. However, the vet and the ACS persevered and Bennie was finally brought back to recovery.

Bennie now lives a peaceful life with his fosterer. It would be unimagineable to remove him from there as the two of them have created a very strong bond. He is a shy cat, but the relationship he has with his fosterer his priceless. However, you could keep receiving news from Bennie by sponsoring him; it would help to pay for his food and his care.

Stray Sponsorship

The ACS takes a very active part in the spaying and neutering of feral cats, and what is called TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return).  We believe that it is the only humane solution to control the overwhelming cat situation.  Every year, too many unwanted kittens are born and most die in horrendous conditions.  Rescues are so overloaded that it has become impossible for them to take these kittens in, and even more rehome them.

By sponsoring a stray, you could help us to keep this situation under control.  Giving a euro a week will enable us to spay a female.  Considering that a female can have three litters a year of an average of four kittens per litter, your sponsorship will actually make a huge difference in the cat world.

Why sponsor a pet?

Although every animal we care for is available for adoption, to the right home, there are some who will never settle in a home environment. Why? Because in their past lives, some have been cruelly treated, abused and abandoned and others are just too old and temperamental. It is our policy never to put a healthy animal down, so the cats and dogs who cannot be rehomed will live out their lives in a safe and loving environment cared for by the ACS.

By sponsoring a pet you will help us pay for food, upkeep, bedding, treats and veterinary care for those who cannot be rehomed. But even more importantly, by participating in this scheme you will help us to continue our work and give all the animals we care for a chance of a happy life.

How much does it cost?

Every sponsorship costs a minimum of €1/week per animal and in return you will receive a photographic certificate of your pet, two letters a year updating you on your pet and a copy of our ACS newsletter. If you decide to pay by monthly standing order or weekly instalments, you will also receive a photo of your pet (weekly payment up to €4.99 per pet) OR a personalised key ring (weekly payment of €5 to €9.99 per pet) OR a personalised notebook (weekly payment of €10 or more per pet).

How do I become a sponsor?

There are five easy steps to sponsoring a pet, it couldn’t be simpler the only problem is choosing the friend for you!

1. Choose the pet of your choice
You can sponsor one animal or as many as you like – however we do ask for a minimum donation of €1 a week per pet.
Click here for a list of the pets available for sponsorship

2. Complete the sponsorship form
Complete the form by providing the pets names you wish sponsor. Also, please let us know your name and current postal address.

Click here for our sponsorship downloadable version

3. Gift Sponsorship
You can choose to sponsor a pet as a gift for a friend.

4. Choose how much you want to give
We do ask for a minimum of €1 for each pet you sponsor. But please give what you can as your donation will help us care for your pet for the rest of his days.

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