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Adopt A Pet

The Cork Animal Care Society Adoption program endeavours to place those animals which are available for adoption in suitable homes. A corner stone of our adoption policy is to carefully try and match the owner with the animal so that a successful long term match can be made. We home check each and every home to which our rescues go and all people adopting a rescued animal from the ACS have to sign a detailed and legally binding adoption contract. We judge each adoption request on its merits and look carefully at the circumstances, environment and other factors which can influence a successful adoption. In this way the wellbeing and suitability of the adopted animal is guaranteed to the largest extent possible. By adopting a rescued animal from the ACS you are helping to save a life and provide a new future for an animal in need. Thank you.

When you decide to adopt a pet there are a number of important questions to ask. Adoption is a huge commitment and one that needs to be taken very seriously. At minimum you should ask yourself the following:

  • Is it likely that I will still be able to look after the animal many years from now? Animals can live up to 18, or more, years of age.
  • Would my close family members like an animal to join us? All members of the family have to be dedicated to the animal.
  • A dog cannot be left on its own for extended periods of time, so will someone be at home for a large proportion of each day?
  • If there is a young child in the house, do I have enough time to supervise them both?
  • Is my home and garden suitable for a dog? Is it secure?
  • IF you are in rented accommodation, will my landlord agree to me (us) taking in a Pet? This is most important, as many landlords do not allow Pets.
  • Where will the new Pet sleep, have I got the room for him/her for warm and comfortable place to rest and sleep
  • Is the area I live in built up? If so, will I have complaints from my neighbours if the dog barks?
  • Do I live close to a busy road? If so, the risk of an animal being run over is great and you should re-consider adopting an animal. This applies especially to cats.
  • Keeping an animal is expensive, food, vet bills, vaccinations, etc... can I afford these?
  • Consider Pet insurance to guard against unexpected vets bills, can I afford it?
  • Is a new baby expected in the home? If so wouldn't it be better to wait until the baby is older before committing to a Pet?
  • Is any member of my family asthmatic or allergic to dogs or cats ? (Note: this is not uncommon)
  • Dogs need exercise, do I have the time and energy to commit to walking my dog at least once, or better still twice a day?
  • Boarding you dog for an extended period of time can be expensive, are you aware of these costs?
  • The law requires you to have a dog license for your dog, although not hugely expensive, it is another 20 euro, renewable every year.
  • Remember, they don't watch TV, don't go for a pint, don't read a book or a paper, it's YOU THEY WANT AND NEED ! Will YOU be there for them?

Note: there are doggie "day care centres" which will look after your dog when you go to work. However, you should inquire about the costs of using such a facility before you do anything as they will have to charge for their services. Contact us for more information. And please remember the saying: Do not breed or buy, when shelter animals die. Although not applicable to the ACS as we have a strict non-euthanasia policy it applies to many council or state run pounds.

It is important to remember that a Pet is for life, everyday we get calls from people wanting to re-home their pets, simply because they did not think it through before they decided to adopt a pet. Please don't let this happen to you, with planning and careful thought you will have true friend for life.

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